I am a passionate strategist, designer, inventor, and creative team leader. I get super excited about helping identify the needs of people and developing elegant solutions that truly make a difference in their lives.  I love creating solutions that tell a story. I have held senior level executive positions responsible for driving human focused design and development initiatives, bounded by business unit and profitability requirements.  I've built and led two highly successful consumer product R&D teams from scratch, driving one organization from $20M-$170M, and another from $25M-$230M .   

Through my experience I have developed a strong work ethic and the capability to think on my feet to address the many issues that arise when developing consumer products. Combined with astute market knowledge and years of developed relationships driving unified  development processes globally.

 I have conceptualized and developed product in a diverse set of industries such as hardware, electronics, furniture, architectural lighting and sporting goods. The past several years I have been focused on the infant to toddler business. The product lines I have worked on include soft goods, mechanical solutions for gates, strollers, and more complex electronic devices such as audio/video monitors, pumps, motor driven devices, humidifiers and thermometry. These product solutions had to meet stringent government regulations and the needs of a unique retail environment. 

 I have enjoyed seeing a lot of product come to market, some of which have been performing for the last 15+ years, I have several design awards and hold over 30 patents, but its not about the “things” I have been involved with creating, it’s the connection with the people the products are for. For me design is very personal, its about people. I design with the perspective that I’m solving a need for a family member or friend. Driving ethnographic research, role playing and observation and discussion to understand and grasp the child's ergonomic and functional needs, gaining the trust of the parents, touching key aspects of families' daily experiences, such as play time, feeding, safety, and health and wellness.  The process of design is also very personal and requires great people on a team. I love recruiting, training, and motivating designers, engineers, and marketers at all levels creating a positive mission minded atmosphere.

 I invite you to explore this site and discover my process and some of the projects I have worked on that are a testament to team work.